: the Legal, Political and Social Factors and Their Impact on the Business

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Unit 1 Business Environments Assignment 4 To: The Editors of John Lewis PartnershipFrom: Marsha YoungDate: 12th December 2014Subject: The Legal, Political and Social factors and their impact on the Business | Introduction John Lewis is one of UK’S largest top 10 retailers, providing a wide range of products and services ranging from appliances, furniture, clothing, Beauty products, broadband and insurance. John Lewis strategy in the early years was to appeal to a certain market which was the middle and upper class, but they have recently changed that approach with the introduction of the Value Range for John Lewis and the Essential Range at Waitrose. As of June 2014 the John Lewis Partnership now operates 42 John Lewis Stores throughout the UK. I will aim to demonstrate how the Legal, Political and Social factors has impacted and influenced the company and how they have adapted to these changing environments. Topics to be discussed Political Factors * Fiscal Policies - Taxes * Infrastructures- Transport( roads, railways),New developments * Supporting Businesses (creating a skilled society) Legal Factors * Employment law * Promoting fair competition * Consumer protection Social Factors * Migration & Demographic issues * Social Media * Technology Political Factors | Definitions | Influences on John Lewis | Influences on Islamic Relief | Fiscal Policies- Corporation Taxes | Corporation taxes are a levy placed on the profits of a company, with different rates for different levels of profit. Businesses based in the UK must pay corporation taxes on all their profits, companies that operate in the UK but are not based in the UK will only have to pay taxes on the profits accrued only in the UK | Advantages | Disadvantage |

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