Bus 523 Business Ethics for Managers M7A1: Short Paper: International Games

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M7A1: Short Paper: International Games 6 December 2013 Author Note This paper was prepared for BUS 523, Business Ethics for Managers, Taught by… M7A1: Short Paper: International Games Corporations in the United States have different ethical and moral obligations than their foreign competitors. In the global village, there is great diversity among nations. Morals are not the same and are thought of and practiced differently between nations. Managers of multinational corporations have to balance practices here at home with practices overseas. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was signed into law to force US corporations to be more ethical in the global market in their dealings with foreign corporations. Leadership styles affect ethical practices within corporations also must be managed. How a manager treats, his employees will determine their actions, the managers value, and the corporations productivity. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act signed into law December 20, 1977 by President Jimmy Carter was intended to end the unethical practice of U.S. corporations offering payment to obtain or retain business (Pastin & Hooker, 1980). Pastin and hooker (1980) stated “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, while attempting to uphold morality by prohibiting bribery of foreign officials, may itself be an immoral law when examined from an ethical perspective” (p. 43). This law came about in the wake of the Watergate Scandal to curb bribery and enforce the morality of U.S. corporations. Instead of politicians, acting with higher ethics and morality it was passed to the business sector and enforced on their actions. Looking at the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act from a moral standpoint reveals there is little moral standing for the act. One reason for this assessment is many of the payments prohibited by the act do not meet the criteria to be defined as a bribe.

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