Buddhism V.s Christianity

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Studies of Religion Jennifer Piao Compare and contrast the main features of Buddhism with one other religion. * Christianity. Buddhism is a philosophy of life, based on the teachings of Buddha. The concept of Buddhism evolved around 563 BCE, much before the birth of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. They are considered to be the two great distinctive religions of the world today with both covering a large section of the world population with numerous similarities and differences. Although Buddhism is not considered a religion by some, it still has some distinctive features which coincide with the characteristics of Christianity but there are also some major features which are the opposite of some Christian beliefs. Some prominent parts of Christianity are the ideas of God, the destiny of man is to reach eternal life in heaven after death and that life is lived to please God. Buddhism differs in that there is no God to worship, the destiny of man and whether he achieves eternal life is based on the karma of one’s present life and the goal of life is to live a balanced life. In Buddhist teachings, the existence of a personal creator and Lord is denied but Christianity believes in a creator and each may have a relationship with the creator, Jesus. According to Buddhist belief, human life is not considered to have much worth and having only temporary existence. Life is understood in such a way in getting rid of all desire (good and bad) and not placing any value on this life on earth. In Christianity people are of infinite worth, made in the Image of God and will exist eternally. Buddhism is not really a religion but a moral philosophy designed to overcome suffering and it was designed to obtain relief from suffering by means of human effort alone. Original Buddhism involves neither faith nor worship, neither prayer nor praise nor

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