Comparing Mormon Faith And Buddhism

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World Religions Report Mormonism HUM130 Axia College December 3, 2011 For this World Religions Report I have decided to compare the Mormon Religion, Latter Day Saints (LDS) and Buddhists. These two religions differ drastically but I will explain a common ground that all religions including the Mormon faith and Buddhism have in common. In the following report I will give you the history of the Mormon (LDS) faith, as well as how it currently is, a brief comparison to the Buddhist religion, a review of the Ward that I visited, and a summary of an interview with Kaipo. Mormonism (The church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, LDS) Joseph Smith Jr. who was born in 1805 in Vermont established the Mormon religion. Smith came from a…show more content…
Next is Sila, which is virtue and morality. This consists of Samma vacca, do not lie, gossip, or swear, speak right and do not judge others. Samma Kammanta, conduct yourself according to the Five Precepts. Samma ajiva live right so not to cause others harm. Finally there is Samadhi, known as concentration and meditation. Samma vayama, Samma sati, and Samma Samadhi fall under this last path. Samma vayama is to think right and not have bad thoughts; Samma sati means to be aware of your feelings, mind and bod; and Samma samadhi is the act of meditation to achieve higher consciousness or enlightenment (Robinson,…show more content…
Such as, Mormons believe in God and Jesus Christ. They follow the Bible and the Book of Mormon, whereas Buddhist do not believe in one particular God but rather that we can reach enlightenment like God, they do not have a set “Bible” but rather rules to follow and texts that tell how to live. I found that the similarities between the two religions are that they both want to do good for and in this world that we live. Both Mormonism and Buddhism follow similar commandments to live their life by. Whether it be to reach heaven and find favor in Heavenly Father eyes so that they may live in the presence of God Almighty forever or to reach a point of enlightenment, and realization of the world around them, they are here for generally the same purpose; to make this world a better place and to help those around

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