Btec Business L3 Unit 1 P6-M4

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Social factors Social factors are to do with the community. These are things like religion, education, genders, households & families and demographics. Social factor one The first social factor is households and families. Households and families is just about how the amount of people in one household has changed in recent years. Research shows that in previous year’s families lived in one household, but recently people have started to live alone. Studies show that out of 26.4 million people 28% of them live alone while only 20% have four or more people. This may affect Ribena because in the past people would have bought more Ribena because there were more people to supply with Ribena but now people won’t buy as much Ribena because there is just one person to supply. It may also affect Ribena because they may have to change their products to a pack of 3 Ribena’s instead of maybe a pack of 10. They would do this because people living alone won’t need 10 Ribena’s they would just need 3. The stakeholders it would affect are the customers and the suppliers. It would affect the customers because they can now buy a pack of three Ribena’s instead of a pack of 10. It would affect the suppliers because they won’t have to provide as many raw materials to Ribena because Ribena don’t need as much anymore. The functional areas that would be affected are the production department and the financial department. The production department would be affected because the amount of Ribena they have to make would have would decrease. It would affect the financial department because if less people are buying then less money will be coming into the business. This may affect the RSPCA because more people will be donating to them. More people will donate because if you live alone you will have more money and time to donate and/or volunteer. It will also affect their charity
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