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This case focused on Gian Fulgoni discussing the changes in comScores 2012 U.S Digital Future in Focus report and how between 2011 and 2012 online purchasing has drastically changed. Mr. fulgoni discussed how in a few years it would be best to reduce the size of physical stores, and use those stores more as demonstration venues with less inventory, and placing warehouses in lower rent locations. 1. What other current internet trends do you see having an effect negative, or positive, on internet spending? Explain your answer 1. Other trends that I see having an effect on internet spending is In store- pick up. Its very common. Now days a lot of people would rather purchase online and pick their items up. For the internet that’s a positive…show more content…
Fulgoni refers to two major factors that drive consumers to purchase online rather than physical stores: convenience and lower prices. What other factors would drive a consumer to purchase a product online rather than from, say, the local Walmart? What are the advantages of purchasing at a store? Other factors would include: 1. You would have a Better Selection 2. Have time to try on and if you don’t like it can always return it: Try on & return 3. Of course it’s…show more content…
It makes since, instead of always wasting the sales person time. If everyone is going to be going into stores just to check barcodes and see where they find the product cheaper or even shop online all the time it doesn’t make sense for a company to be paying employees for unnecessary work. Or work their not able to do at all. It will save the company money instead of paying for such big space that not a lot of consumers are going to. The only downfall I see or disadvantage I see is depending on where those lower rent locations are because some uppity people don’t feel secure in lower rent locations. And majority they are the big spenders with the big money. Also It will take away a consumers shopping experience. Sometimes just being in a department store and looking around is not too bad it all has to do with your

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