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Paper 2 Example 3 Unmarked student work Example 3 Total 19/26 Read the article and write a response in the spaces provided. Your response should be approximately 750 words in total. Write under the criteria headings A, B, C and D. Use clear and precise language. Use appropriate technology. Develop answers that demonstrate understanding beyond what is explicitly stated in the article. Topic: Health Criterion A - The issue and the stakeholder(s) Describe one social/ethical concern related to the IT system. 4/ [4 marks] A concern related to the use of facial recognition software would be that the article states that once a customer has been recognised by the system “Their details will then be added to the system.” This…show more content…
The cameras are what allows the facial recognition software to work to identify users who have been recorded as underage or of correct age. The camera photographs the customer at the cash register [1]and then the software is used to scan the face [2]and to see if a match can be found with previously photographed faces [3 BA]. This is to indicate if the customer has been previously added to the system as above 18 or not, and thus allowed to by alcohol and cigarettes, or if they have been recorded as underage and not allowed to do so. If the software recognises that a customer’s photo shows that they have previously been recorded as attempting to buy alcohol or cigarettes underage [4] then it can alert the cashier of this [5] and they can refuse to serve the…show more content…
The use of such software would provide convenience for employees, by saving them time by not having to ask for ID from customers. It would make it less likely that people could successfully use fake IDs if they are underage and their correct details are already stored on the computer. For the company it could also prevent the legal problems which may occur if they sell alcohols and cigarettes to minors impact company. If they do this they could face legal ramifications and fines, but with the use of such technology this is less likely analysis. However they would have notify customers of the use of the technology in their stores, as underage people may wish to avoid the stores which could lead to a decrease in sales from the stores who use the system. The storage of customer details may also provide opportunity for the company to benefit, as it may allow them to send customer advertisements or flyers, promoting their business and special offers analysis. The convenience of the technology is vast, but the initially costs as well as maintenance may be large, and to justify the use of the technology it would have to be ensured that it is worthwhile, depending on the size and revenue of the store. Also if the technology was not reliable it could lead to further large costs for the company and would be very inconvenient to employees and possibly customers, possibly leading to a decrease in sales

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