American Marriage Transition

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American Marriage and Transition Summary By the late 1970’s your standard American family was starting to just be a thing of the past. This is because of things like the changing division of labor, child bearing outside of the marriage, cohabitation, and gay marriage are the result of long term cultural, and material changes that altered the meaning of marriage throughout the 20th century. (Cherlin 528) Before this time you mainly only seen the cookie cutter relationships of the past. Where the wife stayed at home and cooked, cleaned and took care of the children, while he husband went to work and financially supported his family. Not only did they have these strict guidelines but marriage was more of an institution than a partnership.…show more content…
(Cherlin 529) This form of marriage we refer to as an individualized marriage. The major factors in individualized marriage are very different from those of the companionate sense. The three Main themes that characterized beliefs about the post 60’s: The first was self-development, the second was flexibility, and the third was communication. First of all people stayed single for much longer than the years before. Instead of marriage and a family more people opted for an education and career. People staying single longer lead to cohabitation outside of the marriage, and in the end more children born out of wedlock than ever before. (Cherlin 529) With this even though more woman were having more children out of wedlock birth rates in general sank to an all-time low. (Cherlin 529) In all people were more interested in there wants and needs instead of just sacrificing they wants and needs for their spouses. Also the “roles” each partner carried was negotiable, it was no longer the set norm for the husband to work and the wife be home barefoot and pregnant. Lastly was they had to have communication and openness with their problems issues were not swept under the rug like before. (Cherlin
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