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Bshs/402 Week 4 Day 7 Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Special Needs Population

      INTROCase Management is a service approach implemented throughout diverse settings in the human services and health sectors. The philosophy supports case managers to deliver an individualized service based upon a wide assessments used to develop an intervention plan for clients. The plan is developed in corporation with the client and gives light upon his or her choices and preferences for developed services. The overall objective is to empower the client and to make sure that he or she is active participants in the plan. This duty may seem simple to accomplish but can become quite complex because clients are just as diverse as their needs. Case managers must approach each case with the understanding that diverse groups require strategic planning to serve the multiple needs of various clients. This paper will describe case managers and the role they play with clients of substance abuse, the homeless and the elderly population.   Each play a different yet distinctive role yet they have a shared objective, which is to assist those in need.
Population Reviewed
Case   managers   in   the   field   of   treating   substance   abuse   clients   has   principals   to   go   by that   will   meet   the   needs   of   the   clients.   The   counselor   will   connect   the client   with   the   health   and   social   services   system (U.S.gov, July 2012).   The   case   manager   will   find   the   clients   structured   services   to   help   meet   there   needs,   he   or   she   has   a   obligation   to   the   client   seeking   services   but   also   obligation   to   the   members   of   the   system   that   the   case   managers   will   interact   with   when   seeking   resources   to   help   the   clients (U.S.gov, July 2012).   The   counselor   must   know   the   protocols   and   the   operating   procedure,   and   the   needed   resources for   the   client   and   the   organization   and   outside   of   the   organization.  
Why was this population selected
Knowledge   of   negotiating   formal...

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