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Assessment activity 1 1. What are the OHS responsibilities of employees ? Employees are responsible to know how to work in ways that they will not endager their own and their coworkers health and safety .Also they have to be responsible for the safety of general public who might come into contact with the organization and it s operations .Employees are also responsible to wear the protection equipment that might be required and they have to be able to intetefy workplaces hazards and report as soon as possible to the OHS comitee and the OHS representative or management. 2. What are the employers responsibilities? Employers are responsible to ensure that their work environment is safe and healthy ,also their work environment has to be ass strees free as possible . As an employer you must also been ensure that your stuff have received training in OHS and OHS reporting procedares and be sure that all the time you are cooperating with your employees . Assessment activity 4 1. What is a hazard? Hazard is everything that may put at risk the safety of the working staff or the general public that may come into contact with the organization and its operations. That hazard may include extension of cords running across the floor , that may be dangerous cause people might trip over them . Boxes and cartons stacked in front of the fire escapes , this area needs to be clear of obvious reasons . The fire door is locked , that may be fatal for the employees who might be trapped in a burning building . The chairs has a wobbly leg that would b dangerous in case of someone sits and the chair collapses . 2. Explain in your on words , why you think is necessary to keep written records of all workplace accidents or incidents . It is important to keep written records of all workplace accidents and incidents cause it’s the employers responsibility to inform
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