Risk Assessment Unit3 P3 Essay

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Risk assessment is an examination took to see what things in places like schools, work place and many other places where people are could cause harm to those people to see whether they have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent themselves from being hurt. Workers, clients, students and others must be protected from harm caused by failing to do possible measures to control the risk. Accidents and sick can affect business ending up gaining loss , machinery can also be damaged, insurance cost raise and they might go to court over the injury due to lack of risks at the workplace. There are five steps of risk assessment which:  1. Identify the hazards-Firstly, identification of a hazard is needed and then work out on how people can be harmed by walking around the workplace and look at the things at your work place which has a possibility of harming people and how dangerously can people be harmed. Consult other workmates what they think and if they have noticed some hazards which you did not see. After finding the hazards then find how to control them so that people will not be harmed. In terms of machines and chemicals you have to check the manufacturer’s instructions so that you may know how to use them.  2. Decide who might be harmed- this step is when a decision of who might be harmed and how those people might be harmed. In terms of big companies or factories where there are big dangerous machines those who use those machines are the ones who have a possibility of being harmed and those who use chemicals, the chemicals might be harm to their health if used wrongly. In shops shelf stackers may suffer back injury from repeated lifting of boxes. This will help to identify the best way of managing a hazard. They also consider the people who might in the building in case of an emergency, people like cleaners, visitors, maintenance workers it might

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