Brief History Of Lynching: The Negro Holocaust

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Lynching From the 1880s to the 1940s, innocent people were killed, and for one main reason: their race. Some of these deaths were results to lynching. This time period unfortunately was known as “The Negro Holocaust.” There are many questions to why and how the time period acted during this gruesome time. To begin with, what is lynching? Lynching is being “put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority.” People were being killed without a right. However, people were not just hanged. There were other crimes that included castration, burning at the stake, maiming, dismemberment, etc. This horrendous crime “…seemed to have been an American invention.” This means that we came up with the idea of torturing and…show more content…
There were also many threats. Some African Americans saw their white neighbors or boss’s hang their friends. They had to watch everything they did and at the same time worry that they might be next. However some African Americans realized that not all Whites were bad. According to, papers like The Chicago Tribune were in the anti-lynching effort. Lynching came to represent the Whites as cruel people. Some people call this time period “The Negro Holocaust.” This could be connected to the Jewish Holocaust. Unfortunately in this case, the African Americans were the victims instead of the Jews. The Whites were seen as the Nazis, horrible people for have committing these crimes. Lynching has not occurred for quite a bit. The last reported lynch was in 1926. A couple years before that, about one lynching were reported every year. This means that lynching has stopped. It may be likely to return again though. In conclusion, the 1880s to the 1940s was a frightful time for the African Americans. Lynching was used as a weapon to scare the African Americans. Many questions are still asked today on why they killed not only African Americans, but innocent

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