Compare And Contrast Essay On The Holocaust

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Camelia McCallum Mrs. Heiden SOPH CP LA 25 April 2011 Crucial Times of the Holocaust What man would create a breeding ground for extreme discrimination of his own people? Throughout the Second World War the chancellor of Germany allowed the brutal murderers of over six million Jewish German citizens. The killing of the innocent people took place in concentration camps in the span of a few years. Two infamous death camps were Auschwitz two Birkenau and Mauthausen. Even though Birkenau and Muahthausen had differences, they both are historically some of the worst concentration camps of the Holocaust. At Auschwitz children were often killed upon arrival. “…Imagine now a man who is deprived of everyone he loves, and at the same time…show more content…
This camp was opened in August 1938, just a few months after the anschluss-the annexing. Although it was not a death camp per se, two-thirds of the 200,000 people there died of executions, forced labor, inhuman squalor, starvation, and disease. In the early years, Mauthausen did not house Jews. Instead, it housed German political prisoners, those in opposition from occupied countries, Spanish Republicans, Soviet soldiers, and European prisoners of war. Jews were introduced into the camp when Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, and Dora-Mittelbau camps were being evacuated in 1945. Mauthausen was divided into three sections: the prison camp, the administrative area, and SS housing. The prisoners lived in the twenty huts of camp number one. Each hut was supposed to hold only three hundred prisoners, but in most cases more than six hundred were jammed in camp number two was a workshop area that contained four huts. Until World War two broke out, Mauthausen was similar to other concentration camps in Germany: mostly German prisoners were made to do terribly harsh Forced Labor, but besides that, the conditions at the camp were not brutal. Conversely both camps had similarities and differences. Two things they had in common were having prisoners work till they couldn’t anymore. Also both camps prisoners shared huts and didn’t have a lot to eat. Auschwitz
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