The Turner Diaries Analysis

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Name Teachers name Class Date The Turner Diaries: A controversial novel Every choice we make in our daily life correlates to our own personal morals and conjectures. The premise of knowing right from wrong varies between humans based on certain factors. Andrew Macdonald, a pen name for William Pierce, conveys his own opinions and mindset in his first novel, entitled, The Turner Diaries. Macdonald founded the National Alliance, a white nationalist political organization, and proclaimed his own views and those of the National Alliance. The novel takes place in a post apocalyptic world where a rebellious guerrilla institution, the Organization, overthrows the U.S. government and starts nuclear war to wipe out all non-white races, as seen through the diaries…show more content…
Blacks are the often the first target of neo-nazi’s and white supremacists. Macdonald uses this to justify the murder of Blacks; “If we are going to cave in people’s heads with bricks, they must be people who deserve it” (Macdonald 10). The person who “deserves it” in the book is a Black convenient store owner, who the Organization choses to rob and kill. James Byrd Jr., a 49 year old Black man, was brutally murdered in Texas on June 7, 1998 by 3 white white men who were racially motivated based on the writing of Macdonald. When Netzley was describing the connection of Byrd’s murder and The Turner Diaries, she wrote “...African -American James Byrd Jr. is beaten and dragged to his death behind a pickup truck, one of his assailants, John King, will say ‘We’re starting The Turner Diaries early’’ (Netzley 5). In Macdonald’s novel, the white race is successful in cleansing itself from all the other races in 1999, one year after Byrd’s murder. According to Macdonald and The Turner Diaries, killing Blacks is needed for the good of the

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