Bridging the Interpersonal Gap

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Bridging the Interpersonal Gap Despite our technological sophistication, and perhaps because of it; people struggle to communicate well, especially in face-to-face situations. The problem with talking on the internet and texting is that you can’t show emotion or any none verbal exchange. This form of communication is not interpersonal at all. With this poor form of communication people tend to get confused and have a hard time understand what the other person is trying to converse. It is hard to create good relationships with poor communication. You cannot truly get idea of who someone is by talking to them through technology. It is important to be able to understand and know who a person is to build a strong relationship. Using technology to be in touch can be a positive thing. My mother’s boyfriend is out a town a lot for work. Time apart can be hard on a relationship. My mother and her boyfriend have found a way to see and talk to each other even though they are miles apart. They use a program called Skype that allows them to webcam with a microphone. It is still a technology form of communication but you can hear and see the other person, this allows one to be able to see all the none verbal forms of expression you cannot experience with texting or instant messaging. This helps to bridge the interpersonal gap between technologies based communication and face-to-face communication but I do not think you can ever replace or recreate face-to-face conversation. Perhaps be we live in such a competitive society, communication is primarily intended to serve a specific purpose; to achieve an outcome, to find a solution, to reach an agreement, to win an argument, to prove a point, to determine who is right, and thus, who is wrong. This way of communicating can cause all kinds of problems in relationships. If your focus in a conversation is to always be
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