How Does Memory Impairment Affect Communication Ability

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1.1 Describe how memory impairment can affect the ability of an individual with dementia to use verbal language. Words are hard to come by and they can struggle over the appropriate word to the point that it interrupts their flow of conversation; sometimes they will select the wrong word. This is very frustrating but in some forms of dementia it can also mean they lose short term memory and will repeat themselves, not remembering that they have told you about their day or not remembering your answers e.g. asking over and over is it Thursday today? This makes conversation stilted and difficult to maintain. Then of course there is the problem of remembering people’s names which can become so dominating that the affected person does not listen…show more content…
But you could also find that information in that individual’s personal record, sometimes it would even be in the form of a ‘pen picture’ which can detail what works best for communicating and what doesn’t work, but also could give information on what that individual is communicating if they perform a certain gesture, or say a particular word. You might also gain information about the individual’s communication methods through experience with that individual, or that individual might if capable, show you what they are trying to say. 1.3 Use information about the communication abilities and needs of an individual with dementia to enhance interaction. Information about communication abilities can be acquired from the individuals personal files in the form of a ‘pen picture’ or communication passports which would contain information you can use to help you communicate more easily with the individual, and also understand what the individual is trying to communicate, whether by words, or by gestures (Makaton, sign language). It might also help communication to speak clearly to the individual, and use appropriate body language and gestures to aid communication. 1.4 Use a person-centred approach to enable an individual to use their communication

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