Breakfast Foods Essay

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Breakfast Foods Morning, for me, is the gloomiest part of the day. I always feel that I did not get enough sleep. In the morning I always have to face the dilemma of what to eat for breakfast. Breakfast is one of the important meal of the day, more importantly what you eat is just as important because it will determine the amount of energy you have and how you can concentrate throughout the rest of the day. Depending on what you want to eat there are three type of breakfasts people often prefer: the quick breakfast, greasy breakfast, and the healthy breakfast. One of the quickest and most popular foods is cereal. There is cold cereal and hot cereal. For cold cereal there is a wide selection and various brands to choose from. For people with a sweet tooth there is a frosted flakes made by kellogs. Hot cereal is not as popular as cold cereal. A good hot cereal is oatmeal made by one of the popular brands quaker oats. Another variety of the hot cereal is grits. It’s the same in taste, but very different in texture. It is made of finely ground wheat and salt. One can disguise a bowl of cereal with slices of banana or juice, but that’s where the excitement ends! A bowl of cereal has the potential to become redundant quickly. Another option that might satisfy ones palate in the morning is greasy food. The greasy food group includes bacon, egg, and their associates. This type of meal is not the quickest to make, but for certain, is the most desirable. Bacon comes not only in different brands but also in different thicknesses, smoked, and regular. Some bacon comes with less fat than others. Eggs come in various sizes and color small, medium, large, and extra-large. Though there’s only one way to prepare bacon, eggs can be prepared in numerous ways. They could be scrambled, boiled, pan fried, or made into omelets. However, this group of breakfast food contains too much

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