School Lunch vs Home Lunch

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School Lunch vs. Home Lunch Do you like having to eat food that is cold or has been expired? I believe that is the case when you eat school lunch. I can tell you many reasons that home lunch is better than school lunch. First cafeteria food has more calories than food you would normally eat at home. The cake from school lunch is made from white flour which is full of calories. Sure it tastes yummy but is it the healthiest choice? You don’t even get a choice to have a healthier type of dessert. People that eat lots of calories should care about the things they eat or the amount of sugar they are eating. Sugar is not good for you because it turns into energy that can be stored as fat. That can be unhealthy for your body. Also you need food with nutrients and vitamins like oranges and peaches. Fruits and vegetables you get from home are fresher so they have more of the vitamins in them. Another reason to eat home lunch is that it gives you the ability to select which food you will consume. Having home lunch you don’t have to worry about the calories or if the product used is expired. Last cafeteria food is not a good choice because the kitchen that it is prepared in may not be clean. A person I know once found a hair longer than two inches in her macaroni and cheese. After being made aware of it, the cooks did not do anything to solve the problem. Another time a student found mold on his chicken sandwich. He was too scared to even tell the cooks, so he was left with no lunch that day. As you can see there are many reasons that eating home lunch is a better choice than eating school

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