Boys and Girls Alone

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Boys and Girls Alone Is reality TV for kids? Where is the line between fair reality and cruel displays of innocent people? And who is the actual victims, us or the participants? Boys and Girls Alone is a reality show broadcasted on Channel 4 in February 2009, and it has raised a lot of ethical questions and moral issues from concerned experts. With TV broadcasters that are free to edit their footage, and with viewers who watch reality-TV just to catch a break and turn off their brains for a few minutes, it might not always be completely ethical. But on the other hand many participants in this show feel that their participations have been a great experience, and behind the screens the viewers are really enjoying these shows. Reality has gained a lot of popularity lately, so why is there a problem? Boys and Girls Alone has received some discontented letters from concerned experts, and also some answers from educated people who cannot see the issues on the show. Andrew Mackenzie is Head of factual entertainment on Channel 4 and he sees no reason why Channel 4’s new show should be considered unethical, and states that “Reality television show on children did not pose a hazard to their welfare”. Mackenzie assures that the children’s well-being was the top priority during the whole program, the children were at all times being watched by both chaperones and their parents. A parent could at all times talk to their child, and even pull them out of the show if they felt that it had gone too far. Mackenzie states that the children not was in a protected environment, but was also before the casting screened and tested to make sure that they could cope with the whole experience. Doctor Richard House is a Psychotherapy lecturer at Roehampton University, and has answered Mr Mackenzie’s attempt to calm down the critics. But the doctor is not pleased with the latest development

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