Summary Of Amusing Ourselves To Death By Neil Postman

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Annaly Aviles Jeremy Voigt AP English, July 26, 2012 What life is now? In the novel “Amusing ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman, he indicates that the television has greatly impacted our culture. The main big argument that Postman has, is how television has overcome the printed word. This has become a big problem because it has greatly affected economics, politics, religion, and education. Children are so used television entertaining them that they expect the teachers to entertain them the same way, so they are unable to learn as they would without television. Television makes people look like celebrities, in the political sense the presidential candidate is shown on television as a celebrity so people are unable to vote without thinking that the candidate is good for the presidential position only because television says so. Postman’s tries to get out to the audience, making them realize that their consideration towards this great power. Postman uses many Rhetorical Devices to capture the reader’s attention. He…show more content…
To fully get the attention of the reader on the subject of television, the author had to do excessive research, especially on the ancient of the television. Neil Postman has so many facts to back up his argument; he even goes back to the 19th century. Readers can now have the same argument as Postman bring in the book; he gives enough facts that as a class we can have a discussion (argument). Postman, I don’t believe he uses Pathos; it’s more the emotional change that the people take from reading this book that changes the emotion of what they think the television media has done to society. But isn’t what Postman used. Although Postman does us Imagery, the Imagery that Postman used is picture of television, no he uses the mind of the reader to make sure they see the picture in the head and are able to comprehend what Postman is

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