Boy Girl Affect

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to change the social economics of the world. A child learns the attitudes, values and behavior appropriate to his/her culture, but they learn more about his/her society at school. If you provide a child with the right tools for a better life, then they will have a chance to escape the stereotypes of their surroundings. Education is not only taught at school but also at home. Education is when some people consciously teach and others learn from the teacher. If we all teach our kids around the world to be better than we are, regardless of living circumstances, we will change social. The girl theory, is so heart breaking because I feel it is so true. It seems the older I get, the preteen pregnancy is getting worse. In most cases I believe preteen pregnancy is a reflection of that little girls life. You become what you are surrounded by, unless you are educated to do other wise, and if the 12 old little girls are given the right tools in life she can have a better life, not a life to become dominate, but a life that is positive. As one culture changes so will another and it will cause a domino effect that may cause change though out the world. In the very beginning of the class we discussed globalization, worldwide integration of government policies, cultures, social movements and financial markets through trade and exchange of ideas. So, enforcing better education is in America is not a bad idea, it is a helpful plan. It will help America evolve just as the other countries would evolve. Education is the way to our future. We as a society have to educate our young ones. Teach her so she will know that is it is wrong to have sex at the age. Teach her to read books, play with dolls, teach her to ride a bike, teach her how to bake cookies or a cake. Teach her how a lady should act. Teach her to respect
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