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There are plenty of books in this world. Different people have different kinds of book that appeal to them and they tend to classify the books they read in various ways. Some of them may classify the books by their genre, and some of them even classify their books by the thickness of the books. As for me, I classify my books according to their uses in my life. For instance, my biology book assists me in the field of study whereas my entertaining book helps me to be cheerful. In short, my books are classified accordingly into their purpose: for taking tests purpose, for fun purpose, and for religion purpose. The first way I classify my books is for taking tests purpose. This kind of books usually needs a lot of critical reading and critical thinking. I have to be very focus while reading this type of books in order to acquire fully understanding of the content. Moreover, this sort of books has a lot of complex words, so I have to refer back to my dictionary to find these complicated words. For example, one of the words is ‘synthesis’. It means that the process of producing a chemical compound. It is really difficult for me to understand even the main idea of the passage because of these difficult words. The example of the books is text books: physics book, chemistry book,…show more content…
I always read this type of books when I feel depressed and tension. Usually I read these books after I have finished reading my boring, complicated, and educational books. Through this kind of reading, I am able to smile again and forget everything that makes me miserable and stress. This kind of books assists my mind psychologically. Unlike educational books, these books do not content any bizarre words at all. I can enjoy myself during my reading without referring to the dictionary, as the books already has direct meaning of the words. The example of the books is magazine and comic. This kind of books usually is a non-fiction

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