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Jessica Armstrong ENG 2D Mrs. Martin 26 September 2013 Cuba 15 Violet Paz, a 15 year old half Cuban half Polish girl is forced to celebrate a quinceanero by her grandmother. Violet is completely set on not having a quince because she is definitely not comfortable standing in front of a crowd and proclaiming her womanhood. Besides she doesn’t like wearing huge, poofy, pink dresses. Cuba is a very hushed topic in the Paz household; no one will tell Violet what it’s like. On top of all this, Violet has to deal with her two best friends; Leda, a vegetarian activist who isn’t afraid to voice her opinion; and Janell, a dancer who has no shame in saying whatever is on her mind. As well as the pressure of the impending quinceanero, Violet is stressed by the pressure of the speech…show more content…
Another reason this novel is well written is because it’s comedic. It’s funny and entertaining. Not everything in this novel is a joke, but the way the main character, Violet, explains her thoughts and thinks about everyday happenings is very entertaining and could probably make lots of people chuckle. Books with a hint of comedy are slightly hard to come by. It’s easy to find a cheesy book that is so cheesy it isn’t even funny and books that are so serious that you could read the entire novel cover to cover without a single facial expression. This novel is just the perfect bit of seriousness and comedy at the same time. Lastly, this book is educational. What would be the point of the book if it didn’t teach a lesson? This novel teaches some important and valuable life lessons that can change the way people are viewed, and help one to understand why they behave the way they do. The author, Nancy Osa, did a flawless job of subtly inserting life lessons as to not bore the reader by droning on and on about life and such. Thus, the novel, Cuba 15, is well written and a great book. The multicultural element in my novel made it both enjoyable and challenging. It was quite enjoyable in the fact that I learned new information about Cuba and quinceañeros, I also learned a lot about how different people react to different environments and cultures. Violet’s dad is originally from Cuba and in the novel it talks about how he was rebellious when his family came to America. He wanted to be just like the American boys and not embrace his Cuban culture. So, growing up, he didn’t listen to Cuban music or take part in Cuban traditions, but when he got older, he wished he had because he realized he missed so much. I also found this book enjoyable because it was set around an unusual household. For some reason half Cuban half Polish families are very uncommon in America, so it’s nice to learn in the book how the two cultures get mashed

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