Conflict In The Glory Field

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Reading is an important part of everyday life. That’s why me and my mom read the book “The Glory Field” and had an interview. We talked about the protagonist of the book, the setting of the book, and the plot. The main conflict me and my mom had was “Should Lizzy had went along with Lem and Joshua?”. The interview was exciting and we mostly had the same views about the story. When my mom and I read the first chapter, we came into our first conflict between our views. My mom said that Muhammad was the protagonist and I said that he wasn’t; that he was the narrator. We began reading on and found out that Muhammad was on the slave ship with everyone but he was telling the story. We then came to an agreement that Muhammad was an important character,…show more content…
This was the topic we had the most conflicts about. Our first conflict was about the rising action. My mom said that the rising action was when Lizzy brought Lem water. I said that it was when Lizzy was whipped. We did not come to an agreement on this topic. Our second argument was about the falling action. I said the falling action was Lizzy, Lem, and Joshua escaping from the plantation; my mom said that it was Lem and Joshua joining the army. We came to an agreement that them going to the army was the resolution and them escaping was the falling action. Now our main conflict was “Should Lizzy had gone along with Lem and Joshua?”. I thought that she should have gone because she would have been killed if she stayed. My mom said that she should have stayed to hang with Ms. Julia to get information out of her. We read on and my mom changed her mind because she saw that Lizzy got away. This was our last conflict during the story. With all the conflicts and differences I rate this 8. My mom helped me look at reading in a different light. She also helped me be a better analyst when I read books with a more complex storyline. I learned from all this that reading isn’t just reading the story. You’re supposed to put yourself in the story and relate to

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