Nt1310 Unit 1 Reflection

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1. What have you learned in this unit? I have learned about resistors, ohms, and current. How they all work and what their purpose is. I also learned about decimal, scientific, and engineering notations. 2. What did you like best in this unit? What I liked best was learning how to do the lab work. I also liked learning more about how atomic structure and electrical charge. 3. What did you like least? The least I liked about this unit was trying to learn all the equations and the solutions. Also when doing lab work I think that it needs to show more detail due to I think with that it would be more understanding. 4. Are you having any problems with any of the material thus far? The only problem that I am having is trying to figure out all the equations and the solutions and don’t quite understand the resistor colors of the bands and how it is calculated. However I am still practicing with the issues that I am having and hope to improve.…show more content…
I would like it if you could explain in more detail how to get the answers for example R1 + R2 = RT and frlQ =f2 – f1. These seem to be the problems that I was having issues with. Also when I completed my lab report I could not figure out what formulas to use and how they worked. I have always had trouble with formulas but once I figure them out I do

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