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Wigan MBC, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Wigan. WN2 69S Dear Sir/Madam, It has come to my attention that the Wigan MBC has recently proposed that the YMCA youth centre is to be closed, immediately demolished, and relocated by the 20th November 2012. I was appalled by the fact that when I arrived at the youth centre, where I am the supporting manager; there was an eviction notice on the door. When I enquired about the notice, on the phone, the sectary, who was very obnoxious, stated that the drawback was that I hadn’t accumulated the bill correctly and the council could no longer financially support the YMCA. In the first instance I was assured, by the chief…show more content…
Statistically speaking the numbers of gangs and drug abusers of teens, in the areas we have centres in, have mammothly decreased. Further research, that concluded in January this year, indicated that the children who confide in our charity, who come of the streets and were involved in gangs, that their grades at school had increased a sufficient amount. YMCA helped numberous amount of children to become doctors or accountants where as without our help they would be working in a fast food court or selling themselves for drugs. If the YMCA was to be closed, as proposed in your “statement”, the community would consequently suffer and the teens that would approach this charity and helpline would be without support and would often be forced to carry on with life, which wouldn’t be much of a life at all, i wouldn’t wish the life on anyone not even my greatest foe. Our charity (YMCA) is unique, without it millions of children would not have support,education they desperately need or the social and physical abilities that would make them successful in

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