How Divorce Affects Children

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How Does Divorce Affect Children There has always been some dispute as to the exact affect divorce has on children. Some researchers say that there is no effect, while others say divorce can tear apart a happy and hopeful future. So, the trick questions is; how does divorce affect children? A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. U.S. divorce rates have been rising since the beginning of the 20th century. More than a quarter of people age 18-44 come from a divorced family. Psychologists have known little about the long term effect this has on kids and are just now coming out with useful information.(“BreakupBacklash”) Researcher Sara Hara Estroff Marano( found that effects of divorce depend on what happened in the marriage before the divorce occurred. For example, kids that have lots of high conflict in their family are happier after the divorce occurs. They are happy as adults and are the same as kids from intact families. Children that take it the hardest are the ones from low conflict families. It undermines their sense of trust, they have great psychological distress as they grow older, and research shows they have trouble forming their own relationships and are particularly unhappy as adults. Overall, being taken out of a stressful household is an easier transition that being a yanked out of a peaceful one. The University of New Hampshire( found that age and gender play a large role in how each child reacts to having divorced parents. When an infant's parents get divorced it doesn't understand what is going on but feels the low energy level of its parents. The baby will most likely lose its appetite and spit up more. Preschool children often believe that they caused the divorce. That if they finished all of dinner last night daddy wouldn't of left. These kids may fear being left
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