Adderall Persuasive Speech

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Will Power Not Pill Power Adderall is one of the most commonly abused medical drugs amongst college students. It is a drug used to help people with ADD, ADHD, and narcolepsy. Although it is mainly used to help people with these disorders, many college students take it to help them focus and “do better” on their exams. It is a drug abuse that has been occurring since drugs or “pills” have entered the pharmaceutical market, and it occurs under the radar of law officials. Students take these drugs to stimulate their brain so they can work well under pressure and focus on studying. Since when should buying a drug have to stimulate a person to study and do well in school. Adderall is only one of many different names of drugs used to help…show more content…
Many of the long term side effects have not made their appearances but they will soon enough. From what doctors have seen in the past 10 years we only know the side effects of a sudden overdose in the drug. The side effects in overdose are symptoms of tourettism, aggression, depression, high blood pressure, delusions, sweating, vomiting, dehydration, and unexplained muscle pain. We will only know the full danger of Adderall and similar drugs 50 years from now. When people who take the drug now become extremely dependent on it, and they are so old that their body will not allow them to take it. That is when we will know how dangerous these drugs really are. A case study completed in Boston proves many college students take Adderall and abuse the drug. The study was first authored by Northeastern University, Pharmacy Professor Christian Teter, outside of the study he also found that the primary motives for illicit use were to enhance academic performance, while less than a third of illicit users intended to get high or experiment with these stimulants. Alarmingly 40% of these students still snorted other prescription

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