Black Rock Movie Analysis

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Film- Black Rock 1. The reason as to why the film was entitled ‘Black Rock’ was that it was the name of the suburb of which the characters had lived in. 2. (a) Define: Unemployment- State of not having a job Sexual assault- Doing sexual contact without permission Alcohol abuse- Drinking overload of alcohol and alcoholic drinks Lifestyle diseases- Type of disease involving with the way a person lives Dysfunctional families- Family where abuse, misbehaviour and conflict often occurs Mental illness- Someone who had mentally emotional problems Stereotyping- To judge someone by their gender, race or nationality Gender- State of being either male or female Domestic violence- Violence or abuse being used against a person in their own family or household Bullying- Act of intimidating someone else just for fun Peer pressure- To be or do something that to you is unwanted in order to be accepted by others (b) Choose 3 of the above issues and describe in detail using examples from the film of how they are represented in the film. Peer pressure- When Jarrod was torn between telling the police of what he knows about Tracy’s death or to keep his mouth shut in the name of ‘mate-ship’. Sexual assault- In the event when Tracy was being raped by three boys and Ricko was forcing Tracy to have sex with him before doing her a favour. Alcohol abuse- Where Ricko’s welcome party was filled with alcohol and teenagers as they were drinking an overload amount of alcohol. 1. After Tracy’s death when she was subject of name calling, it was not warranted as she had done nothing wrong to deserve being named as of the event where the three boys had raped her, she had done nothing wrong as she was just weakly trying to fend for herself. 1. The issues that had contributed to Jarrod's decision of not telling the police about what he knew was the depression of not being

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