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What is really a Good Shot? Lionel Ricard October 23, 2013 Philosophy 101 Alberto Mendoza Ricard 1 Recently a woman by the name of Miriam Carey was gunned down in front of Capitol Hill on October 3, 2013. She was with her daughter whom was a toddler. Did she really deserve to die that way on Capitol Street, the heart of the United States? Was she that big of a threat? The answer to all of this I feel is, no. The woman was a dental hygienist, proud mother, and a member of a loving family, does that sound like someone who might be a possible terrorist? On October 10, the Washington Post, printed an article stating, “Miriam Carrey didn’t have to die. Police need better training in mental illness”. Even though Miriam suffered from postpartum depression with psychosis, she was still no form of threat, which had to be riddled with bullets so badly that the body was barely recognizable for family and friends. First of all, the staff responsible for the safety and protection of that section of Washington should be better capable of…show more content…
Sorry, I mean shoot the gun. Then the story got deeper, her daughter happened to be in the car after all the shoots had been fired. Imagine the level of controversy had the toddler been shot, or worst, fatally wounded as her mother was. Police had no idea that there was a baby in the vehicle right, than that means in all likely hoods that they had no idea as to whom the driver was. I understand that the women suffered from postpartum depression with psychosis but that never stopped her from doing anything before. I feel that that was just a way for Washington to free itself from some of the blame and not take responsibility for what happened at all. She has a daughter that has to grow up without her mother all because of what. No one will ever really know. The only person that knew Miriam’s plans for that day was Miriam

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