Black Guerilla Family Essay

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for their own kind, and protecting them at all cost. Everyone who are against or oppress the white race are sworn enemies, they have the right to team white children about the Aryan culture and heritage. The main thing they believe in is getting help and support from their own race. Another belief is that’s it’s important to guide the upbringing of white children while they are the heirs to the future. The black Guerilla Family was originated from the San Quentin prison in 1966. The founder of this gang was George Jackson and W.L Nelson. The basic beliefs and missions are to eridance racism maintain their dignity in prison and to overcome the government of the United States. The Black Guerrilla Family is the most “politically” in prison.…show more content…
Their business isn’t allowed to be shared with any outsiders unless the terms are cooperating with what’s going on and it also applies with their laws. They must discuss everything with the Aryan brotherhood family before making any type of business arrangements and only certain member of the gang are able to be a part of it. They need to also be approved. The way they work with the payments connected to their business is by the allowance they have cant cause bankruptcy up to twenty-five percent. And by the family funds it has to retain up to seventy-five percent of interest on that pacific business and some may get twenty-five percent interest to maintain the business going. The Aryan brotherhood has been the number one most dangerous prison gang in Texas and in California. For example they have extremely violent members that have stabbed and tried to shot a guard in San Francisco. They are racist psycho killers that commit murder with their bare hands, shanks, acid baths, and hatred that they hold inside of them. For example if it isn’t there race they will protect their own raise at any cost doing murder doesn’t hurt them or even worry about it since they are supper racist and ruthless white supremacy gang that creates both outside and inside of prisons. They are responsible for a number of attacks and

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