Should Non- Violent Criminals Be Fine?

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RUNNING HEAD: NON-VIOLENT CRIMINALS SHOULD BE PUNISH WITH FINES Donta Archer 10/7/12 Professor Duffey English112 Title: Non-Violent Criminals Should Be Punish With Fines Non-violent crimes in the United States should be punished by fines rather than jail time because of recidivism, the cost, and restitution. The goal in today’s world should be stop sending so many non-violent criminals to federal prison. Federal prisoners have been convicted for violent crimes 13%, and overall almost 75% of the federal prison population is criminals serving time for non-violent offenses with no history of violence. Therefore the United States have federal prisons that have non-violent offenders and a few violent ones. Non-violent crimes should just be a punishable fine because it saves money for the United States and the federal prisons in the United States. Non-violent crimes in America are rising rapidly and non-violent criminals are being sent to federal prisons or jails for a stupid reason. Like for an example many people are being arrested and sent to prison for selling drugs now how is this a violent crime? Drugs are illegal in America but it’s not really hurting our country right now. The main thing that is hurting our country right now is violence, when you read the news about Chicago they had more murders then the soldiers in Iraq due to gang violence. Furthermore if the police love arresting criminals they should arrest all the thugs and send them to prison because they are the problem. Arresting somebody for drugs is not that Title: Non-Violent Criminals Should Be Punish With Fines serious for being put behind bars that person should pay a fine for his or her punishment. Non-violent criminals have a recidivism rate of 3% according the Department of Justice. In other words a non-violent criminal has a slight chance of repeating the same

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