Prison Gangs Essay

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Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerilla Family, Mexican Mafia, La Nuestra Familia, Texas Syndicate, and Neta Association. These are the six largest prison gangs in the United States of America. Although a few benefits do exist, prison gangs mostly contribute to a threatening and unsafe atmosphere in today’s penitentiary system. There are hundreds of gangs throughout the system, but only a select few that actually have some sort of pull large enough to garner attention. These main gangs are known for a reputation of murder and assault of fellow inmates, many times with their targets being outside prison walls. Throughout this term paper I will discuss the views, and culture, of a select number of gangs that have proved to influence the general prison atmosphere which they inhabit. I will discuss the developing stages and what motivates the driving forces of each individual group. From inside the prison walls to the city streets, prison gangs have a wide network of influence. Recruitment is a continually evolving system that targets youth in many cases, with a focused message catering to their insecurities. Prison gangs have a surprisingly complex political system of hierarchy. Meticulous ways of communication are developed and spread throughout the various groups. From banging against the bars in specific patterns to micro writing on paper that is hidden in body cavities, communication is a vital part of how a prison gang functions. Gangs function with the methodology of creating strategic allies that will help them further their own destructive agendas. Prison gangs have been around since the late 50’s and 60’s mainly for the reason of inmate security. Security became an increasing concern as the violence escalated in the prison systems. In reaction, groups became to form largely on the basis of race and creed. You have the Aryan Brotherhood or “AB” which consists almost

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