The Aryan Brotherhood

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The Aryan brotherhood changed prison life as we knew it, Up until the 1960 prisons were segregated by race until it began to fall apart then inmates began to form alliance based solely on race. In 1964 a group of bikers in San Quentin State Prison formed what is now the Aryan Brotherhood or AB for short, it is believed that the AB was inspired from a prison gang, The Bluebird Gang. Their main mission is committed to white cultural superiority, their constitution states: "Our organization is a white supremacy group. No pretense is or will be made to the contrary." The Aryan Brotherhood is chiefly concerned with White-Supremacy and self-protection from Black and Hispanic gangs. Indeed, many rivalries have existed between the Aryan Brotherhood and other African-American gangs. However there is an exception they commonly have an ally of the Hispanic background known as “The Mexican Mafia”, they unite under common ground to eliminate “The Black Guerrilla Family”, also known as the Black Family or the Black Vanguard. Members of the AB are almost always found with a sort of brand or tattoo to symbolize there alliance. They can often be seen displaying symbols such as Nazi Sig Runes, Swastikas, Lightning bolts, the shamrock (as a symbol of their originally Irish membership), the Nordic dagger on shield with lightning bolts, and a falcon relating to Sinn Fein, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army. Original members traditionally had to be at least part Irish, indicating the significance of the shamrock still worn today by Brotherhood members, but this tradition has waned. Most members read and have been inspired by, "The Art of War." The number 666 is also frequently seen as a tattoo among Aryan Brotherhood members, most likely because of its satanic symbolism. Satanism has a special place in White Supremacist Culture, as German mythology often describes the

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