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Blooded In, but Never Blooded Out Crippin’ Crips How the Crips First Started In Los Angeles Raymond Washington initially called the gang, “Baby Avenues.” His Goal was to carry out activities like the Black Panthers. Cofounder Stanely Tookie Williams started his own “West-Side Crips” Plan to recreate Blank Panther, “Social change” went astray because of hatred from others, and obsession with protecting himself. By 1971 well known and spread across Los Angeles, Began to terrorize other gangs to show dominance This is when gangs revolutionized from respect OGs to modern day “chumps” Began to wear blue as emblem. (RULES) Piru Street Boys, Bloods Powerful Gang in Compton, CA. Created in 1971 as Piru Street Boys, for short while Piru St. Crips. Defended home turf, were…show more content…
Renamed themselves “BLOODS” (state all rules plus initiation) The Mexican Mafia 13 (La eMe) Gang Started in prison to protect Mexicans from other alliances or races. Nuestra familia and Mexican Mafia joined to form La eMe. Made up of only Mexican gang members, usually Mexican-American, but at times illegal immigrants. Jail, protected others, trafficked, controlled outsiders with the heads that were in prison While in jail ended up splitting up into different sets. The southern California Mexicans were more hardcore than the northern California gang members. in jail northerners didn't do much of the “missions” assigned so southerners call them out for it, saying they are “lame farmers not down to ride ese” Northerners get mad and split La eMe. Northerners become Nortenos, and southerners become Surenos, war between the two begins in jails. Northerners get out of jail, severely outnumbered, so they begin to align with bloods, as retaliation surenos begin to align with the crips. The Vicious, LA turf War from

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