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REGARDING NORTHERN STREET GANGS: The Nuestra Familia (NF) was organized in the Folsom State Prison in 1968, due to the abuse and victimization from the Mexican Mafia, or EME. The Nuestra Familia has an amount of control over Illegal Street and prison activity. Most of the NF members were from Northern California. The Nuestra Familia and other Northern structure gangs identify with the color red and symbols XIV, X4, the number 14 and 4 dots. The 14th letter in the alphabet is “N” or ENE for Norte or Nuestra Familia. The Nuestra Familia gang also has aliases, such as Farmers, Farmeros and Nancy Flores. The Norteno gang associates with the words, “Norte”, “Northerner” and “Norteno”. Other symbols include the five pointed star, which represents…show more content…
Northern cliques may have conflict with other Norteno gangs on the streets, yet in prison they will bond together for protection under the leadership of the Nuestra Familia. The Nuestra Familia has a chain of command that oversees every Norteno gang in California. Nortenos have been identified in nearly every state in the United States of America. Nortenos have continued to be heavily involved in murders, felony assaults, thefts and drug sales. Northern gangs are bitter enemies to the EME and Southern street gangs. SYMBOLS FOR NORTENO GANGS: “Norte”, “XIV”, “X4”, “14”,The Huelga Bird, “TC”, the color red, 4 dots, 4 fingers held in the air, SF 49er® attire, (Sweet Fourteen, or Scrap Free), any NFL symbols (Nortenos for Life) and the northern star or any star. REGARDING SOUTHERN STREET GANGS: Violent conflicts between Northern and Southern gangs have been continuous since the 1960’s. The conflict began with the creation of the Mexican Mafia (EME) in the 1950’s. The EME was formed by Southern Hispanic gangs to gain control of illegal activities on the streets and in the prison

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