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Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Bipedal Walking Robot Vaidyanathan.V.T1 and Sivaramakrishnan.R2 1, 2 Mechatronics, Department of Production Technology, Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, INDIA 1 & Abstract— This paper describes the design, fabrication and analysis of Bipedal walking robot. The main objective of the project is to study about the theories and the practical challenges involved in making it. The Bipedal walking robot is designed with minimal number of actuators (RC Servomotor) and it is controlled by low cost 8051 micro controller. The robot uses simple U-shaped servomotor brackets for joint formation. It walks like a human by balancing the Centre of Mass. Key words— Centre of Mass (C.O.M), Degrees of Freedom (D.O.F), RC servomotor C: Building the Prototype model D: Specification and Fabrication of the model. I. INTRODUCTION With advances in science and technology, the interest to study the human walking has developed the demand for building the Bipedal robots. The development of Bipedal walking robot involves research in heterogeneous areas. This Paper describes the first attempt in building the Bipedal walking robot. Figure 1 Bipedal Robot A Determining the Mechanical Constraints There are various design considerations when designing a Bipedal robot. Among them, the major factors that have to be considered are Robot’s size selection, Degrees of freedom (D.O.F) selection, Link Design, Stability and Foot Pad design. 1) Robot Size Selection: Robot size plays a major role. Based on this the Cost of the Project, Materials required for fabrication and the no of Actuators required can be determined. In this project miniature size of the robot is preferred so a height of 300mm is decided which includes mounting of the control circuits, but the actual size of the robot is 230mm without

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