Information Literacy Assignment

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Computer Essentials Introduction An introduction summarizes what you will be telling the reader, and should contain at least three sentences. This is a template to help you write your Information Literacy Assignment (ILA). For your ILA, write a 3-page essay on one of the following subjects: * Robots in Medicine, Remote Manipulation, or another job that a robot would perform * Describe the Next Big Thing in Computing * Who invented the Integrated Circuit? Was it Jack Kilby or Robert Noyce? Defend your conclusion Write the ILA in American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition format (typewritten, double-spaced, with a title page). Cite sources within text and provide a separate references page of those sources. The ILA is due the last day of class. An Example Section Body This area demonstrates how you would write about the subject after the introduction. The ability to…show more content…
The findings indicate that table data presented by government agencies tends to be oriented toward very proficient computer users. Therefore, a need exists for government agencies to present data in more user-friendly ways. Finally, data presented graphically, such as in a table format, helps users to better make sense of the information. References Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2010). Selected Occupational Projections Data. Retrieved 4 6, 2011, from Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2011, July 15). Consumer Price Index - June 2011. Retrieved August 15, 2011, from U.S. Department of Labor: (2012, Jan 12). Domain Names: Debating the Effects of a Dot-Anything World. Retrieved from PBS Newshour:
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