Biomechanics Of Pitching Essay

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The Biomechanics of Pitching Baseball is widely known as America’s favorite sport and entertainment. It’s fun and exciting to watch two teams put their skill and strategy against each other. The two teams need to hit the ball, run fast to get on base and score. If one of the teams does not have well pitching the opposing team has more of a chance to hit the ball, get on base, score and even win the game. The pitcher wants to strike out the batter and does not want to walk him, so he can get on base. In the National League and the Japanese Central League, the pitcher also gets a chance to bat and hit the ball. Starting in 1973 with the American League and spreading during the course of the 1980’s and the 1990’s, the hitting responsibilities…show more content…
These six phases are as follows: windup- the setting phase of the pitching gesture occurs when the individual positions the body such that the glove side is facing the objective. The purpose of the windup is to set a rhythm that starts a matched timing of the body parts. At the start, the two hands are together and near the body anywhere from the belt to the head as he or she takes a step back with the leg contralateral to the throwing arm. This contralateral leg is the stride leg, while the imsilateral leg is the support leg. With the weight transfer, the body rotates 90 degrees as the stride leg bends at the hip and knee so the pelvis alternates towards the throwing shoulder and the lumbar spine bends slightly. The body winds up so that all sections of the body from the legs to the arms are able to contribute to the ball’s propulsion. Stride- the pitcher moves the front foot towards home plate as the two arms swing down and apart from each other. The stride phase ends when the front foot touches the mound. Arm cocking- the pelvis and the upper body rotate to face home plate as the throwing arm externally rotates at the shoulder. The phase ends when the shoulder reaches its extreme external rotation. Arm acceleration- is from the instant of maximum shoulder external rotation until ball release. Arm deceleration- from the ball release until

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