How to Play Girls Lacrosse

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My favorite sport is lacrosse. Girls and boys can play but boys and girls have different rules and sticks. The materials you will need are a boys/girls lacrosse stick, a couple lacrosse balls and patience. To learn how to play lacrosse you will have to go to a sporting goods store and buy a lacrosse stick for about $70 dollars. If you are a boy, buy a boys lacrosse stick. If you are a girl, buy a girls lacrosse stick. There are 3 parts of the stick: the head, the mesh, and the shaft. The head is at the top of the stick and it is where the ball is being controlled with. The mesh is the rope connected to the head also known as the stringing. The shaft is made out of metal and it is where you put your hands. If your dominant hand is your right, then put your left hand on the bottom and the right hand half way up the shaft. Switch your hands if your dominant hand is your left. Now you have to learn how to cradle. Cradling is the lacrosse equivalent way of dribbling in basketball. You usually have to cradle so the opponent can’t knock the ball out of your stick. To begin cradling, bring the head across your body while curling your dominant wrist in towards your body. When your dominant wrist is curled as far as it can go inward, start bringing your wrist back out and your arm back down to its starting position. Now you have to learn how to pass. To pass to another person, lower your dominant hand to the center of the shaft. Then bring the shaft of your stick back by twisting your shoulders toward your dominant side. Then keep your wrist next to your ear, in a quick and fast motion, flick the wrist of your top hand while pulling your top hand towards you. Make sure to follow through the motion. Next thing you have to do is learn how to catch. Catching is all about hand to eye coordination. Put your dominant hand on the top of your head and watch the ball land in
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