Korfball- Characteristics and Rules

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Benj Christopher D. Naraval 4-St. Lorenzo Ruiz 1.) What is a korfball? A korfball is a game composed of eight players: four boys and four girls. Korfball is a fast-paced, non contact sport from the same family as Netball and Basketball. Each team is split evenly in to attack and defense. Attackers and defenders switch rolls after every two goals during the game. 2.) Characteristics of korfball game. * Korfball is composed of eight players and it is the same as a korfball and basketball. The roles of a korfball is: * Goal Shooter (GS) – Attacking Third and Goal Circle * Goal Attack (GA) – Attacking Third, Centre Third and Goal Circle * Wing Attack(WA) – Attacking Third and Centre Third * Centre (C) – Entire court except Goal Circles * Wing Defence (WD) – Defensive Third and Centre Third * Goal Defence (GD) – Defensive Third, Centre Third and Goal Circle * Goal Keeper (GK) – Defensive Third and Goal Circle 3.) The basic rules for korfball: * Contact & Obstruction Two main rules in Netball are “Contact” and “Obstruction”, infringements result in a penalty pass or a penalty shot. * Stepping Korfball, also has a footwork rule but it is more complex, it allows for a stopping step if the player is moving and allows free movement of the feet to a stationary player provided no advantage is gained (thus ideally a player may run on the spot whilst in possession of the ball). * Timed Possession In Korfball, in normal play, the ball can be held for an unlimited time (at the referees discretion that the player is not time wasting). In a free pass, the player has 4 seconds after a referee’s whistle to pass the

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