Big School Essay

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The article Big School Big Trauma is written by Celia Dodd. It is a newspaper article. The purpose of the article is to inform and create awareness about the worries and anxiety of the students starting the secondary level. The writer has used many language devices and techniques to bring out the idea of trauma of children during their transitional years in their academic year. The article is written in inverted pyramid style as main facts of article are presented in the first and second paragraph and the eye witness reports, suggestions etc are included in the latter half of the article. The name of the newspaper is Independent. Headline and byline is used. The title is appropriate and affective and catches reader’s attention with the help of bold fonts and big writing. Repetition of the word 'big' emphasis on the enormity and urgency of the situation and it makes it more attractive and further aggrivates the affect which the writer wants to portray in the title. The word big is an adjective and describes school and trauma. The word big suggests big school, big classroom as well as the big responsibility that comes during the transition from primary to secondary school. The word big is also a pun as it gives a sense of excitement as well as it is intimidating. Trauma is exaggeration it shows pain, troublesome, emotional, lasting experience that the students had to go through. Trauma is used for bullying and is a hyperbolic exaggeration. Commas are used to add attractiveness making the reader interested and it links the ideas. Eye witness report and expert opinion are written in direct speech which makes it more convincing. The name of person is mentioned to add creditability to the article authentic. The writer incorporates its thoughts with the expert opinion. Lead sentences are used in an article. This week 11 yr old all over the country start secondary
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