Bad Guys Research Paper

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Jamiel Pittman Professor Williams English 111 FE 30 October 2013 In this paper I will draw the parallels of good villains and bad villains. Often we characterize the “bad guys” as characters whom are not liked and not appreciated. However they are more likely to be more interesting than the heroes or “good guys”. I believe “bad guys” make stories more intriguing for a bunch of reasons. The idea of incorporating a fictitious character in a story that goes to great lengths to be “destructive” is always suspenseful. Although not all stories are fictitious, those stories give the readers some sort of gratitude for a “bad guy”. In stories are realistic or factual, the reader’s become more sympathetic and want nothing to do with a villain…show more content…
Upon lying to him because they were Atheists, they acted as if they did have one and claimed it was just elsewhere. After encountering Hulga, Pointer somehow swindles her into meeting her at a location. Seeming as if he had only intentions of reading some things out of the Bible and conversing with her, Pointer’s motive was shown. Hulga who had never been intimate before was eventually persuaded to engage in a hug and passionate kiss. When confronted about her leg and the location of where it was assembled, Hulga became leery of Pointer’s requests. He originally came off as this young vibrant salesman but later was discovered to be brandishing a valise with two Bibles, one of which he opened that was hollowed and contained a flask of whiskey, a condom and a deck of cards with obscene pictures on them. Insisting that he only wanted to see how her leg was attached, he removed it from her. She was star struck and in awe at what she thought type of man/boy he was. He began to obnoxiously ask her if she was in love with him as if they had known each other for quite some time. Reluctant at first she then answers him “Yes”. He then continues to in my opinion try and have sex with her. She begins to scream for him to give her her wooden back but obliges and begins to say “You’re a perfect Christian!” as if that was a pun to say religious people don’t have sex randomly like this. Now agitated severely he gathered his belongings and the wooden leg and begins to brag on his deceit of manipulating a woman out of her glass eye and how his name was an alias. He then disappears under the hill to probably embark on a new vulnerable female. Another story I read was “the Lady with the Dog” by Anton Chekov. In this story 40-year old Dmitri Gurov is a married man who dislikes his intelligent but boring wife. As a result he cheats on her and has numerous love affairs. One day he encounters
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