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Bethany HamiltonBethany began surfing when she was only 11 years old. She was a young professional: winning contests and even getting a sponsorship with Rip Curl. On October 31, 2003, she gained national attention when her arm is devoured by a 13-foot long tiger shark. She has now made an amazing recovery and returned to surfing. The author of a successful book, Bethany continues to participate in many surf competitions. Cover design by: Jamie LeedsCover image by: Google ImagesPublished by: Pocket Books, 2004,New York, NY | "It's hard to imagine the pain and agony Bethany must have felt after her dream felt 'shattered.' Her loving ohana (family) must have been shocked when this Hawaii native was attacked enjoying Hawaii's most known sport. Her wonderful family and friends made it easier to get through this tragic…show more content…
Her courage of embracing her disability instead of hiding from it will motivate anybody who is different. I am astounded by her charisma and struggle to continue to do what she really loves."-Barbara WaltersHost of "The View""A magnificent story about a tragic accident, amazing recovery and drive to get back in the water. Bethany does a great job sharing the valuable life lesson-following your dream. Bethany does not let her disability hold her back!"-Stephanie MeyersAuthor "Bethany is an impressive young woman.…show more content…
This story truly shows the value of love and determination in accomplishing your goals."-Caroline WhiteNew York Times"Such a motivating book! An example of faith, family and friends persevering over tragedy. Bethany's love for all three, and her passion for surfing, makes this a fascinating story.

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