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15. What came as a surprise in this book? Why? Genuine Fraud was very suspenseful and surprising. The whole book came twist after twist. It was full of surprises. As everything started to unravel you would learn more and more surprising things. However what I found most surprising was how she lied almost the whole time. The whole background story was a lie almost everything you thought you learned about her throughout the story was false or twisted. I found this surprising because although I have read a stories where the narrating is unreliable before it is not very common. So when I pieced together in the end that a lot of the information were lies I was shocked and I realized how well it fit, especially since the title is “Genuine Fraud”…show more content…
Lockhart’s Genuine Fraud is told through the eyes of a deceiving girl named Jule West Williams who is born from a complicated and harsh past with her parents dying very early in her life. However Jule doesn't let that stop. Jule is a girl who knows how to take care of herself. She’s a fighter – she’s rough, and she’s does everything for her own well being. She’ll do whatever she can to keep herself safe and so she enjoys life. Jule’s character is rebellious with an attitude and goes after what she wants. She lies, cheats, steals, and does whatever she needs to do to survive. Jule is a character unlike any other. In most stories there’s the perfect, well behaved main character who does nothing wrong the entire book, right? But Jule is unique she bends the rules and does everything for herself. There are so many parts to her and her personality, and she was incredibly intriguing to read about. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. Her personality was so complex because parts of it would keep changing as she took on a new…show more content…
Lockhart wrote both We Were Liars and Genuine Fraud so many would think they would be really similar but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Both stories are vastly different in many ways although they might have a few small similarities here and there. One reason the stories are different are the protagonists. The main character in Genuine Fraud is Jule West Williams. Jule was a poor orphan from early on in her life. Also unlike most feminine main characters Jule is very strong and independent. Her parents died while she was very young leaving her to fend for herself. Luckily Jule is a fighter, and learns how to take care of herself. Jule becomes a social chameleon and learns how to deceive everyone. Cadence on the other hand is the polar opposite. Cadence was born into a wealthy family. Cadence is the type of person that many would describe as on the quieter side. Quieter meaning she is not exactly shy, just not very talkative. Cadence is very weak she can’t go a day without getting a headache. Another difference is the layout of both books. The layout of Genuine Fraud is very unique compared to We Were Liars’ simple and basic layout. Instead of going forwards from the beginning of the story and allowing everything to unfold like We Were Liars, in Genuine Fraud the story goes backwards. It starts from the end of June in 2017 all the way to the first week of June in 2016. At the very end, we get chapter 19 – back to the present day. Although there are so many

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