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Soul Surfer Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton is a good example of how we choose our lifestyle. She enjoys being with her friends, and she loves her family. She knows that God has a good plan for everyone. And no matter the circumstances, it's important to have a positive perspective and do all that can be possible to be a better person. For these reasons, it is worthy to write about her family's and friends' support, her faith in God, and her positive attitude. During the story, we saw one girl that is much joined with her family and friends. After the accident, this did not change. Even though they were very scared and concerned about the incident, they were always there to help her. They dealt to give her all that she needed, space to decide what she wanted, tips and tools to continue with her dream to be a professional surfer. They cared about her health and her emotions; they didn't want her to be sad about what happened. But for them it was very difficult. They gave her the support needed to continue living after this difficult situation. In one part of the movie, we saw that she had a group that gives life a different perspective. She believes in God and thinks that everyone has a purpose in his life. She never complained aboud what happened to her, but she asked what the purpose was. She wanted to know what happened and to learn about this. In the moment of her accident, one country had suffered an earthquake, where her group organized a trip to help people as they possibly could………. While she was there, she saw that a little boy was afraid of the water; she tried to help him not to feel afraid of the water. She made that kid sit on a board on the water again without fear. She knew that God had reasons why things happen. Bethany is characterized as a happy, positive, and active person. Despite the incident that she had, she kept the same attitude.

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