What Are The Obstacles In Jessica Watson's Journey

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Individuals face considerable obstacles and barriers when beginning the process of moving into the world, and as a result gain valuable experiences. Once afraid of everything, Jessica Watson decided to test herself and her extraordinary adventure allowed her to develop and grow as a young person as demonstrated in her biography, True Sprit that anyone can achieve their dreams, as she set out to be the youngest person to sail solo around the world. Jessica faced many physical obstacles, however, they had to be overcome so that she could continue her journey into the world. Watson described that the “waves were huge walls of water.” Hyperbole coupled with symbolism, was used to heighten the situation and represent a journey that will be difficult to…show more content…
The positive connotations to the word ‘dream’ signifies the dedication and persistency to the journey into the world Watson is undertaking. A comparison is made between Jessica’s dreams and a song called “Airplanes;” “the song is about something needing a wish, but I don’t need a wish, I’ve got the ability to dream, that’s all I need to make my dreams come true.” Contrast coupled with allusion demonstrates Watson is an inspiration to all young people and has shown that anything can be achieved. It also evokes a sense of achievement for Watson in that from her personal experiences on her journey she has learnt to dream. As allusions are used throughout the novel, they make it easier for the reader to connect the novel to other concepts. The consequences that arise from going into the world can be positive and lead to opportunities arising for the traveller. At the end of her journey Watson “Was very grateful for all the opportunities” that have been given to her. High modality language demonstrates the sheer enjoyment of the experiences that Jessica has been on which allowed her to enter the

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