Beowulf Persuasive Essay

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Woratana Ngarmtrakulchol [Perth] English: Beowulf Writing 03/04/2008 Beowulf, the honorable man, the strongest man in his time, get to fight a lot in his life. Sometimes it is not his problem, and he can just do nothing with it. But he chooses to join, and fight against someone who may not suffered him before. Why he does that? What motivates him to fight with someone he doesn’t know? He may want fame, or want to do good for others, or he just does that because he thought the god want him to do it. The following examples will show you what motivates Beowulf to fight in each battle. The first battle in the book Beowulf is to fights against Grendel, the monster that comes from underwater and suffered Hrothgar’s hall for many years. Beowulf…show more content…
He rules peacefully for fifty years, until there is a thief wakes the dragon who guards treasure up. It flies and flame Geats and Geatish in fire through the night. Beowulf decides to go fight against dragon with his old-aged strength. This time the honored kind doesn’t fight to get any fame, he got it enough in the past. The reason for him to fight is to protect his land and his people. “Then to Beowulf the disaster was told soon made plain, for his own home was burned, finest buildings, the hall in fire-waves, gift-throne of Geats. To the good king it was great anguish, pain deep in mind” (2324 – 2328). Unfortunately, he died in the battle, but he also defeated the dragon that burned his city. The examples above showed that there are different things motivated Beowulf to fight, depends on his maturity and the situation. At first, he fights because he is a powerful young man that not many people knew. He finds the challenges to make him more famous, to get more fame. After he got much enough fame, he becomes the king and fight for his people, who praised and honored him. What motivates him to fight? The answers are to get fame, and do good for

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