Benjamin S. Carson Honors Preparatory School: Case Study

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The Climate of Social Change and Urban Development for: Benjamin S. Carson Honors Preparatory School I. Team Approach Ben S. Carson Honors Preparatory School is a middle school that is now undergoing major change in its structure. The school started out as West Fulton High School erected back in the early 1950’s. The school enjoyed the accolades of great athletic success in basketball and football in the mid and late 1970’s. A decision was made in the 1980’s to make the small high a middle school in the Atlanta Public School system. Located in one of the city’s most impoverished areas, the middle school’s reputation became very tarnished as the community continued to worsen.…show more content…
Grades 6-8 science classes teach physical science, life science and earth/space science as well as content standards dealing with Science, technology and society. Science education provides our students with the concepts and skills necessary to be responsible, active caretakers of their micro and macro environment. Through active involvement in hands-on scientific investigation in the exploration of the world in which they live, students will develop critical thinking skills that will enable them to base decisions on valid scientific evidence. Social Studies -- Social studies education helps students to become productive and responsible citizens. Students develop the ability to make informed decisions that balance concern for individual interests and the public good in a culturally diverse and interdependent world. The social studies program includes the study of geography, history, political science, economics, behavioral sciences and the humanities. Knowledge, skills, and values are the three major elements that comprise the social studies guidelines as established by state and national organizations. Social Studies instruction provides students the three elements to develop a committed, competent citizen who participates in the civic affairs of the community and…show more content…
The goal is for the students to read as many types of books as possible, allowing exposure to different authors and writing styles. • Writing If one compares the writing skills of a student from an urban school and a suburban or parochial school, most times the student from the urban environment will lack basic structure especially within the use of grammar. • Grammar and Usage At Ben S. Carson, it is very rare that a student is heard using correct grammar usage. It is the goal of the Language Arts department to instill habits that will drive students to always be able to speak correctly, and when to deviate from using slang. • Reference-Study Reference-Study skills are a preparatory method to get students ready to do effective research. As the students transition to high school, there will be more expectations on how to obtain resources to complete assignments. Research and Development Initiative. On of the most common skills besides reading which is so important is the ability to research information. All teachers for all subjects should implement a program that drives students to utilize the basic skills to establish good research habits. When students obtain more effective information, the quality of their work will

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