Anaylse the Subject Knowledge Teachers Use to Plan for Science Following the Constructivist Principle

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ESI 2000 There is specific subject knowledge and principles that teachers are required to use in good practice when planning for and teaching science, this is based on the constructivist principles from the work of Vygotsky and Piaget and the subject knowledge of a teacher identified by Schulman (1987). This assignment will analyse how the constructivist principles relate to teaching and learning in science and consequently how a teacher’s subject knowledge of these principles can affect children’s learning in science. The assignment will also take a brief insight into the lesson plan created (see Appendix 1) to support children’s learning in science looking at how this relates to the constructivist principles including the context and approaches required to effectively teach science. Many authors such as McGuigan (1987), Fisher (2005), Cakir (2008) and Watt (1998) describe the importance of the constructivist principles and how they relate to the learning and teaching processes in science. The constructivist theory of learning has two strands child’s prior knowledge identified by Piaget and social engagement identified by Vygotsky. McGuigan (1997) argues that science understanding is acquired actively not passively and that the constructivist approach is the best way to teach children about the misconceptions in science. McGuigan (1997) also describes that the science learning process should be supported by the constructivist approach of the scaffolding theory based on the work of Vygotsky through a five phased approach. The five phases consist of the following planning of science suggesting that teachers need to base these on children’s ideas and be prepared to fine tune plans for children interests as well as planning the learning objective. The context in which science is taught should allow for exploration of materials to initiate children’s ideas

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